Hello!  I am a wife, mom, sister, and recently – a grandmother. My career has centered on the publishing industry, beginning in newspaper advertising, then magazine, and for the past many years, I’ve been a book marketing consultant with a publishing services firm.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time, but knew I needed a topic about which I could feel real passion. I played around with a few ideas, but they never really gelled and eventually I tabled the idea for a time.

Then, my son and daughter-in-law announced their pregnancy. To be honest, I didn’t immediately embrace the idea of wearing the ‘Grandma Hat’ [Apron]. Surely, I wasn’t grandmother material. But, in July 2016 little Mallory Rose stole my heart. She’s lively, funny, and sweet as can be, and I’m ready to wear any hat [apron] that will proclaim my love and boundless joy over spending time with her.

I’ve embraced my Grammy Kim role, and lo and behold, I’ve found my passion for my blog!

Now, like other grandmothers of the 21st century, I don’t fit the old fashioned notion of the bespectacled, aproned, cushy old grandma shelling peas on the front porch while imparting homespun wisdom to the children at her knee. (Though, yes, I did say I would wear any apron needed for little Mallory Rose – and I will!)

I wonder if that old model grandma still exists in any part or form, and it’s something I’d like to explore.  My grandmothers passed away when I was still a toddler, so I have no direct relationship experience. My mother, though an exceptional homemaker and very loving, didn’t fit the idealized mold I’ve imagined. I am excited to grow in my new role, and who knows, maybe I will someday land in my porch rocker, shelling peas, and sharing stories with the little ones at my knee.

Full disclosure – I do love my porch rockers!