Busy Little Missy

Our Little Missy is just four and already her calendar is full. Preschool. Extracurriculars. Being a kid. She’s busy from morning to night. Swimming Lessons. Gymnastics. Dance. Ice Skating. And her favorite…Horseback Riding. I think it’s wonderful that she has these opportunities for growth, while at the same time she has plenty of space to just be a little girl. Outings to the local playground or simply running around in the backyard are frequent weekend activities. Inside there are puzzles, baby dolls, books, coloring, dress up, board games, and helping mom decorate a birthday cake. She has a nice, well-rounded childhood. I just wish I could be there to experience all this fun right along with her. Fargo is far too far away!

What about you? What do you do to shorten the distance between you and the little grands?

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