Quarantine – Kickin’ It Granny Style

Are you – like me – feeling the pandemic poop-out? Even our winter weather has been lethargic. We’re nearing the end of January and still have only a few inches of snow on the ground. (Though, trust me, I’m not complaining about the lack of snow.) Brunch after church, lunch with a friend, a movie on the big screen. These are the things I really miss!

So…. what to do while snuggled in? I mean besides watching snowflakes slowly meandering down? In true granny style I’ve started an embroidery project. Pretty. Floral. Lots of French knots. I’ll probably make it into a pillow for my bed. Why not? I’ve just a ordered a new chenille bedspread. May as well take that granny theme and run with it! (Pictures to be posted at a later date.)

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