Little Missy Turns 3!


Wow! It’s cliche, but seriously, where does the time go? Our little missy is now a peppy, happy, sweet, and delightfully nutty little 3-year-old. Hubby and I were able to travel to Fargo for her birthday party, and even pulled her out of school for a couple of days so that we could share some ‘grand-time’ with her. It was a blast. Exhausting – for sure – but so much fun!

Nothing will compare to the joy of holding that soft, silky hand in mine and walking down the street as she regaled me with observations of everything from the ants marching across the sidewalk, to the trucks speeding by, birds singing to her in the trees, and airplanes jetting off to parts unknown. I had nearly forgotten the simple joy of looking at the world through a toddler lens.

Walking itself is a fantastic adventure. As she held my hand she would spread her arms wide, lean forward and extend one leg back and up high. “What are you doing, Little Missy?” “I’m ice skating, Grammy Kim!”

Would that her free-spirited imagination and freedom of expression could last forever…

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