Big Wonder in the Tiniest of Gifts

IMG_1453.jpgHubby and I tried to make a conscious effort to limit our gift buying – especially for little missy – and we were pretty successful given the many temptations everywhere and all around. Face it, there are a lot of cute and fun toys out there and a case could be made for the necessity of most every one of them.

But, working under self-imposed and strict shopping discipline, we looked, we studied, and made a few careful selections: a doll house and family, tiny tool bench and tools, puzzle, hat, and an American Girl diaper bag with a few included accessories along with matching pjs for little missy and her doll. And, guess what was the greatest of all the gifts….

A little plastic ‘wet-wipe’ holder with one fabric wipe that was included in the diaper bag. She loved that little wipe. Into the packet, out of the packet, back in… then out again. She wiped my hands, wiped her own hands, cared for her doll, even took some time to tend to a Santa pillow with that one little wipe.

Oh, and the pictured drum set? Not to worry. It was her little cousin’s gift – she was just trying it out. And, no, we didn’t buy it. His mother did!

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