2019 Will Be Fantastic

water-color-1933420_1920Happy New Year, everyone! I am committed, commissioned and consigned to 2019 being one of the best years ever – and I believe the alliteration triples my chances!

My game plan…

  1. A third run-through of my bedroom closet. Not sure I’ll ever get to Marie Kondo level, but removing non-essentials and giving myself permission to let go of those things that I’m not ever likely to use will bring a sense of order and calm.
  2. Our basement. I won’t go into details, but if we ever have a ground water or furnace emergency, I will die a thousand deaths before a repairman arrives. Though the work ahead seems insurmountable, I’ll start in one corner and systematically work my way through. It might take a month (or two) of weekends, but I am looking forward to the peaceful feeling that a well organized, tidy space will bring to my psyche. And, this gives me something productive to do in the cold, snowy months ahead.
  3. Our upstairs bath. I’m going to finally make that call to bring someone in for a re-do of our 29-year-old bathroom. We had our kitchen remodeled about 8 years ago. It was a harrowing experience with a loathsome contractor that has left me gun-shy. I’ve been talking about having the bathroom re-done for over 3 years. This is the year I’m pulling the trigger!
  4. Family and friends. I’m going to enjoy time with my sons, my sisters, hubby, little missy, and our small circle of friends. Rather than look back, missing what used to be, or worrying about life moving forward too quickly, I will live in the present and breathe in the beautiful now of each day.
  5. Of course health, fitness and overall well-being. Trite? Maybe. But taking care of ourselves is an ongoing project. Never give up!

That’s a pretty good list for the making of a very good year. How about you? What kinds of plans have you made for the final year of this decade? Do you have any advice for me?

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