Fashion of a Certain Age

I guess it’s human nature that we look to ‘celebrities’ for fashion and beauty inspiration; those people in the limelight who by their mere being influence our everything, from clothing choices, shoes, make-up, diets, even baby gear.

I don’t intend to be mean, rude, or even political when I say that I was so happy to see the Obamas move out of the White House. Michelle, with her beautifully fit physique and sculpted arms, brought the sleeveless dress into mainstream fashion offerings  – year round! I mean, sleeveless became ubiquitous… sleeveless sheaths for work, sleeveless cocktail attire, sleeveless casual, sleeveless blouses, sweaters, and workout tops, I’ve even spotted a few sleeveless fall and winter coats – what?!!!  I’m still waiting for the Michelle effect to dial down. My DNA will never allow for an arm that should be anything but covered.

Today we’re watching the fashion parade that is the royals across the pond, and we’re especially interested Duchess Meghan, newly married to Harry. She sports a refined, but youthful aesthetic. Beautiful and polished, but perhaps not something we ladies-of-a-certain-age should be emulating.

Queen Elizabeth is adorable in her colorful suits and coat dresses, with matching hats and conservative handbags. I love her look, but am not quite ready to buy into these matriarchal trappings. Maybe in a few years – I’ll let you know.

This takes us to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William. Her style has proven tailored – sometimes flirty, other times sporty, but always classic. I love the way she dresses, and could be tempted to shop from her closet, despite the difference in our ages. Her shoes, too, are always spot on. Not the trendy spikes we see on Meghan (which I would have salivated over back in the day), but also not the stout, sensible pumps gracing the Queen’s feet. Like the Queen, Catherine often wears coat dresses, but the lines, the fit, and the shoes keep her from wandering into dowdy territory.

Given our propensity to mirror the looks we see on television, in magazines, and online, it’s important to choose our muses wisely. And, while we’re dressing ourselves, let’s also guide our daughters and granddaughters with wisdom. Certainly, youth allows for a little more whimsy and a little more skin, and we need to allow our young ladies to dress age appropriately, and to their personalities, but let’s encourage them to be modest and to dress in good taste.

If little missy starts mimicking those Kardashian girls, there will be an intervention!



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