3 Things for Q4

As I mentioned previously, I’m a northern Michigan gal – at least in the geographical sense. If you’re expecting a paddle boarding, marathon running, cherry pie eating, TART trail cheerleader, ski bunny, West Bay sailor – well, that’s not me.

But I do appreciate how blessed I am to live in “God’s Country.” Seriously – just look at this – and I live here!

Okay. Back to my blog topic for today.

I’ve decided to learn, conquer, or achieve at least three things before year’s end. Just three things – that should be do-able, right? I mean, I want to keep it real. I firmly believe in keeping it real.

So….. 3 Things. Okay. Here we go…

1. Blogging. This is it. Hopefully my writing will improve. And, I need to learn how to make my blog pretty, but here we go. Hope you’ll stay with me for the ride. I promise to make it an enjoyable one.

2. Drawing/Sketching. I dabble. I paint on porcelain (Which, by the way, is nothing like ceramics. It’s a common misconception). I have pencils. I have a sketchbook.  Before 2018 comes to a close, I’m going to sketch my own, original masterpiece (maybe from nature?), rather than rely on my usual “Kim’s renditions of other artists’ works.”

3. Get Noticed. This circles back to my first goal – Blogging in Number 1 above. I’m going to blog, yes, but I’m also going to do what it takes to blog successfully. I want to make an impact. And in so doing, I want to attract attention and learn from some of my blog heroes: The Pioneer Woman, Foodie with Family, Lisa Carpenter at Grandma’s Briefs, to name a few.

I have some work to do, but I’m confident that I’ll get there!

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