Hooray for Back to School!

pencil-935555_1280I know, I’m a long distance granny to a 2-year-old, so why should I be excited for back to school? Because my darling husband is a high school math teacher, and after enjoying long, fabulous days of fun in the sun, he’s finally back in the classroom. Woo hooo!

Can we take just a minute to reflect on the summertime injustices I’ve suffered?  Every morning, I’m up early, shower, and get ready for work, while hubby……. sleeps in. I drive to the office, toil away for hours, then fight the traffic to drive home again. While prepping the night’s dinner, hubby fills me in on his day: played some golf, took the boat out on the lake, did a little reading, oh, did you notice I mowed the lawn?  Ladies, if you’re not a teacher yourself, don’t marry one!

Ah, but now, life is back in balance. Hubby’s working. I’m working. Life is good.

To be fair, it’s only recent years that hubby has been sailing through summers without a care. For many, many years, his summer job was what kept our household budget in balance. So… no bitterness over his carefree summers. Just a little bit of envy.


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