Perks of Long Distance Granny-ing

Little missy has a local grandma in Fargo who gets to enjoy such things as impromptu coffee dates and brunches with Mama and the little one. Living literally just down the road, she’s been there to celebrate many milestones, and best of all, to enjoy hugs and giggles almost daily – well, several times a week a least.

As the long distance granny, I could feel at a distinct disadvantage, but choose instead to focus on the perks of living 15 hours away:

  1. Each and every hug and kiss is special and indelibly branded directly on my heart – they’ll never become common place.
  2. I get to plan, pack and send care packages, and am always excused for my spoiling ways – I’m at a disadvantage, after all!
  3. When we do visit, I can monopolize little missy without repercussion – I mean, you know, my time with her is so limited!
  4. No last minute pleas from the kids for babysitting help, though this is a bittersweet perk. I’d love to babysit.
  5. Better able to keep up with the kids on the technology front – who knew that FaceTime could be so cool?
  6. It’s so much easier to leave the parenting to the parents. Being so far away, I’m not tempted to butt in – at least not too often.
  7. Planning for one-on-one time with little missy. She’s still too young for a solo trip, but Bumpa and I are having a blast planning a little missy hijacking. Shhh. The parents don’t know about this yet.
  8. No fear of the kids popping in when we’re tired and ornery. With the advance notice a long distance visit requires, we have lots of time to rest up and put on our happy faces. Which leads to…
  9. Family drama is kept to a minimum. Because visits are so infrequent, we all strive to be on our best behavior whenever we’re together.

It’s all good. My way of bonding with little missy will be different than local granny’s, but I know that my love will travel across the miles and keep those bonds strong!!

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