Living Farm to Table

GiveaGirlaKnife-smallerFinalCover-e1483900163924All at once warm, entertaining, tantalizing, and laugh-out-loud funny, Give a Girl a Knife is a foodie memoir worth reading. Amy Thielen weaves a love story – to her midwestern roots, her family and husband, her passion for food, the artistry of the plate, and the joy of building textures and flavors for the most humble Minnesota hot dish and deviled eggs, which can be every bit as satisfying as preparing haute cuisine. Written with a witty and wry sense of humor, Thielen invites us on her coming-of-professional-age journey from an off-the-grid rustic cabin in the Minnesota forest to the noisy intensity of couture NYC restaurant kitchens, and back again to the cabin, which thankfully is now a lovely home with 21st century conveniences –  you know, like electricity and running water. Given her roots, her training, and her two James Beard awards, Thielen’s food has settled into rustic but extravagant, and always delicious. She has been ahead of the curve, living farm to table years before it became de rigueur.

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