Time’s Running Out

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen


Remember April and May? Here in northern Michigan we had an unusually cold and crazy snowy April. Ever the cheerful optimists, we used this “bonus” indoor time to plot out some summer goals and activities. As the springtime snow piled higher and higher, I created my Summer 2018 Bucket List. So, let’s see how how I did…

    • Gardening – move some plants and shrubs, fertilize, weed, mulch, and buy a few choice perennials to add to the landscape. Well… I did move a few plants, and I started a big weeding project – until I realized that new weeds were sprouting in my wake as quickly as I pulled them. Actually, I’m not really fond of the work of gardening, but I enjoy the end result. I’ll carry this one over to next year’s list – and probably forever more.
    • Assuming it would warm up enough to melt the foot deep layer of ice on the lake, we would spend as much time as possible on the boat. Laziness finds respectability! Done and done.
    • Whole foods. Clean eating. Hey, it’s summer. We should be able to take advantage of the many fresh offerings from our local farmers. But then, this is northern Michigan. Most produce isn’t ready until mid-August. We’ll put that healthy eating goal on hold and continue to enjoy our summer barbeques and food truck visits.
    • Daily workouts at the gym. Most people prefer outdoor summertime activities, so the gym should be quiet, an ideal time to establish a serious workout habit. I wonder if it’s still quiet as families get busy with back-to-school activities?#nevergiveup
    • Use rainy days to clean closets and cupboards. We simply haven’t had much rain. Move this to the winter list.
    • Golf Lessons. Cute outfit. Shiny new clubs. Signed up. Showed up. Was told they had to cancel due to lack of interest. *sigh* Try again next year – or maybe fall lessons?
    • Summer road trip. Why drive elsewhere when we already live in paradise? Full disclosure – we did drive this past weekend to a nearby harbor village, but it was teeming with tourists. #theresnoplacelikehome
    • Scour the beaches for Petoskey and Leland Blue stones. Buy a rock tumbler to polish our found treasures. Again, too many tourists at the lakeshore. #SeptemberBucketList
    • Spend quality time with the kids. Yes! As I mentioned previously, we had a fantastic time when they came to town. Oh, if only they could come more often.

Okay. Not an entirely successful working of the list. We’ll squeeze in as much as we can these last few weeks of the season, then Hubby returns to teaching, the breezes change from warm and humid to bright and crisp, and autumn leaves start falling. With that comes a whole new bucket list.

Next year’s list will be simple…

Just appreciate the gift of every new sunrise and enjoy each day as it dawns. 

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