I live among golf enthusiasts – Hubby, both sons, even Number-One-Daughter-In-Law are all fair competitors on the links. They’re actually quite good. And, my dad was a 2 handicap in his prime, so no old duffer was he. Yeah, golf has pretty much always been in my life.

Something Dad always wanted to do was to travel with my husband and sons to the birthplace of golf. The four of them playing St. Andrews was a dream, sadly unrealized.

St AndrewsThen one day it hit me that there was no better way to honor Dad’s memory than by taking my guys to Scotland to play the links, see the sights, and maybe soak in a bit of family heritage. Note that this was prior to Son #1’s marriage – I didn’t wickedly leave anyone behind!

I don’t have photographic prints of the wonder on their faces as they stepped onto the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews, but their expressions of sheer joy and awe will be forever burned on my heart. I know Dad was with them in spirit and cheering their every swing, “Get in the hole!” Not really; Dad would never be the ‘get in the hole’ guy. But I know he was beaming down from above.

The World's EndI could go on and on about our trip, but there’s probably nothing worse than reliving someone else’s vacation. Know that there are castles and ruins aplenty, the scenery is gorgeous, fish and chips in Scotland are to die for, and we even tried haggis that we all very much enjoyed. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, check out the tatties, neeps and haggis with whisky cream sauce at The World’s End pub – amazing.

Before I take off on another travel tangent, suffice it to say, our trip was fabulous!


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