What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by another other name would smell as sweet.
– William Shakespeare


As a relatively new grandmother I have to ask… has grandparent naming always been a thing, or is the choosing of our own nicknames been a more recent development?

When the kids first announced their pregnancy, number-one-daughter-in-law asked me what I would like to be called. Still getting used to the idea of becoming a grandmother at my *young* age, my first response was Miss Kim –¬† a tip of the hat to Mrs. Greenway from the movie Terms of Endearment. I always found it hilarious when Shirley MacLaine’s character insisted her grandchildren call her Mrs. Greenway. Number-one-daughter-in-law didn’t see the humor in Miss Kim. To be fair, neither did anyone else!

Okay… not Miss Kim. How about Grammy Kim? I really just wanted my grandchild to be able to differentiate me from her other grandmother. Well, that, and to NOT call me Grandma. Don’t ask me why. It’s just that Grandma has never appealed to me, for me. It’s perfectly fine for others, though!

So… Grammy Kim. I wonder now if I should have put more thought into this. It’s kind of a lot for a little one to wrap her tongue around. But, if it ends up shortened to Grammy, Gram, Gammy, or even Mimi Kim – I’m fine with it! The point is for Little Missy and any potential future grandbabies to know who they can call on for love, hugs, kisses, support, and of course, treats.

Jim and MalloryIn the grandparent nickname game, my husband was perfectly fine with the traditional ‘Grandpa.’ There would be no Pa, Papa, Poppy, Pappy or PopPop for him. Basic Grandpa was all he desired. Little Missy’s interpretation of this basic morphed into ‘Bumpa.’ Because it came from her, Hubby loved it. I think he was thrilled that she called him anything at all. He is now a very proud and extremely happy Bumpa.

What about you? Is this something you obsessed over, or was your grandparent name chosen due to tradition or geography, or was it organically determined by a little one’s limited verbal skills?

For myself, I would probably choose Granny if I could turn the clock back. It’s what the Princes William and Harry call the Queen, and if it’s good enough for her…

Besides, what a bonus if Little Missy adopted a British accent when she called me Granny!

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