What is Wrong with Me?

Has it really been nearly a year since I started this blog and declared that I had finally found my passion? My apologies. I am renewing my commitment. I will write regularly, share insights and hopefully incite a bit of dialogue.  By the way, in answer to my own question of last August… FaceTime with a one-year-old is a one-sided experience, though there is joy in watching a little one toddle about. She dismissed my every attempt to engage, but went about her serious business of play. It was fun to watch, and the next best thing to being live in Fargo!

This year, we’ve had several FaceTime experiences. The first was soon after I had returned home from a Fargo visit. “Hi, Little Missy. It’s Grammy Kim!” She giggled, then suddenly the view at my end went topsy-turvy and finally a smudgy gray. I wasn’t sure what happened, but my son told me that she had grabbed the phone and was hugging it. Awww. I love that little girl!

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